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need help adding LED's to BWM switch


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January 4, 2013
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Newport, TN
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96 explorer xlt
electrical help... please...?

Ok so I've done the brown wire mod and its working jusy fine. But the switch looked pretty lonely sitting on the dash. All by its self. So I decided to add some on and off LED's (red and green). I was able to wire in the red light for the "off" position of the switch by using the pre-resisted red LED as a bridge between the two sides of the switch. I.e. when the switch is in the off position the LED uses the unpowered side of the switch as a ground and illuminates. And this so far is working just fine.
For the life of me though I can not get the green one to light up! I have the positive side spliced to the "on" side of the switch and tryed grounding it to to no avail. I've tryed running it in tandem with the on side of the switch, as in I disconnected the bullet cons. I used and tryed making the connection with the LED which resulted in a very very VERY dim glow from the LED. Anyone with a little more electrical knowledge please lend it my way, this is driving me crazy and its probably something ridiculously simple I'm missing as usual.

Again any input would be greatly appreciated. I can post pics of my setup if needed!

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ok.. ive searched and searched on here and cant find a damn thing on how you guys have wired up your on/off LED's to your switches. ive seen plenty of you do it but no one explains how. could at least one of you guys that has done this explain how to get my green one to light up? id like to get this figured out so i can sort out the rest of my switches and move on to something other part of the truck... please.

Seriously, I need some help here guys. Can someone please reply with something helpful and or useful? I've tried everything I know to do.

I'll try to help. How did you wire your switch, lets start there.

I wired it per bwm writeup using bullet connectors and a 12v toggle from lowes. Now the way I have the red "off" position LED is this. I have the positive side of the LED spliced to the powered side of the switch and the negative is spliced to the non powered side using it as a ground. So I tried wiring the positive side of the green "on" LED to the unpowered side of the switch and tryed grounding the negative side of it and no dice, I tried using the LED in line with the unpowered side of the switch and when I flipped the toggle to "on" still no dice. Both these LEDs are exactly the same other than the color difference. And both were tested before installing them.