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need help/adivce on Throttle Body parts?


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May 23, 2006
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Folks, my 2004 Ford Explorer 4.0 liter would not crank on me Monday morning, I had it towed to a local shop, they determined it was the Throttle Body and for over a day now he has been trying to get the correct part from the Ford dealership, well this morning they tell him the Throttle Body has been redesigned 3 times since the car came out in 2004, he is now trying to located me a used on as a new one is $390.00, can anyone suggest anything other than what I have explained? Also, can the old Throttle Body be cleaned and possibly be re-used?

Not being able to crank the engine is usually a starter/battery or other electrical issue.
Cranking but no start would be fuel/air/spark issue.
If the butterfly plate in the TB moves at all it would seem unlikely to be the source of your problem.

Yeah that's not really something that goes bad. It would almost have to be sabotaged to break the TB.

I'd have a different mechanic look elsewhere, sounds to me like you're getting taken.

I agree, get a second opinion. Yes they can be cleaned, as long as it doesn't say not to clean it. Some have a special coating to prevent build up on the inside and cleaning removes the coating. The build up will cause a hesitation on acceleration, however it will not cause a no crank condition.