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Need help asap!!!


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December 31, 2007
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Davenport, IA
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'99 Sport
I'm out of town and on the way. I started to hear some weird noises from the front end, assumed that it was the sway bar link. I replaced it while I've been down here. I knew that it was going out as I was heading down anyways. I tried to replace it before I left, but couldn't. After replacing the link end the Explorer feels more like it's stable, but I still get this squeak, metal rubbing metal (like it's sliding against each other). Not so much the squeak, mostly the metal on metal sound and even kind of a grinding sound and some popping every now and then. I replaced both ball joints about a year ago. I tried to grease both the top and bottom at my last oil change but the top was the only one that would take any grease. Replaced with MOOG. So I need to know ASAP because I need to head home tomorrow what I need to do, I have to be back at work on Tuesday.

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sounds like unit bearing is starting to go bad or is ready to let go.

but which side in the front end?

Is it possible the metal on metal are your shocks? Have you tried having someone bounce the front end while you listen for the sound... Metal on metal w/ a squeek and no access to grease, shocks are all I can think of off hand.

any other ideas I'm all ears. Any band aid fixes to get it home please anything.

Without hearing the noise, I am thinking wheel bearing. Jack up the truck and spin the front wheels, discounting any noise from the brakes. Take the wheel, grasp at top and bottom, any movement?

Is the occasional pop when you turn? that would be your CV joints. Any cracks in the rubber beehive boots?

Actually it can also pop going straight.... IF EQUIPPED there is a cv joint on the front axle shaft by the Look for grease in the area that would have whipped out of the boot while spinning. It does sound like the front end when it goes. And if you have even a mild lift they die faster. Replaced mine, I remember I swore it was the front end.

So I got it home, had a Pep Boys replace the axle bearing and hub assembly on the left. Fixed the noise, so now I'm thinking I should most likely replace the other side as well. But I do notice a hum sounds more like it could be the wheel bearing as well, but not as pronounced as this was. I notice it more over roads that cause the front end to dip down, like press down on the shocks. And it's fairly constant. Also, the sound is a little like the tire noise as well, if that helps. I do always seem to notice that in the area around my front differential area it seems like there's oil there. Never on the ground, just on the casing area. I've checked the differential and there is plenty of fluid in there.