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need help bad please!!!!! gauges.....


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January 16, 2007
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ok i bought some nu-image white gauges with red flames for the ac/heat controls and the main gauges for your speedo,tach,etc... well after taking everything all aprt that needed to be removed,i got to the gauge cluster.i removed the clear plastic that cover the i removed all the needles on all the gauges.but.....:eek: i forgot to make a sketch of where all the gauges were pointing.the directions said to start the vehicle rev it up a couple of times the let it idle.then to make a sketch of your gauges on paper.but i just went ahead and pulled all the needles. i just filled my tank,so i know where the needle for that is pretty good.i know with the truck running at idle the speedometer would be at idles around 750-800 rpm's when thermostat is about half way just a little tad under when oil pressure is about at the half way point.and my battery needle is around the half way do i go about getting all the needles where thay need to be????? any help please! thanks a million.