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Need Help Big time!


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March 24, 2007
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Petawawa, ontario
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93 XLT
So my truck is seriously POing me!! It has been running like a piece of crap lately... SO here is what it is doing!@! It starts fine and runs fine for like 10 mins first thing in the morning.. then its feels like it is dying out, either from fuel or air?? it bogs out and if i put the peral fown it dies!! I have changed the fuel filter, Igniton Control Module, Coil pack with wires, CPS sensor, tranny modulator valve ( in the process of that i took the cat out and 2 1/2 straight pipe back to a flowmaster!!! Sounds awesome) but still runs crappy. Good thing i have a 92 explorer parts truck!! Also did a Vaccum test today and it only at 16 Hg and did a tiny lil bounceing between 15 and 16 Hg??? Codes 172 176 are coming up??/ it has a new fuel pump and sending unit on it!! I am freacking stumped!! Help Please!!

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o2 sensor or egr related sorry .. i know but i was trying to type and forgot 172-176 are " heated exhaust gas oxygen sensor voltage signal indicates lean bank " these codes are for both left and right banks

tho i have not ran into this problem my self i wanting to say o2 sensors ...mine has 2 i belive ...not sure about a 93 but i want to say there the same

does that help ?

Sorry for some reason there were no words on your first post! now there is!! Umm, if the O2 sensors wouldnt there be a constant check engine light on?? there were replaced about 2 years ago, amd the odds of them both going is a lil weird not saying it couldn't happen though LOL!

hmmmmmmm, yeah that would be strange ...was just thinking that a lean bank code would mean o2 sensors problems .surelly a faileing fuel pump would not cause a lean code ...yeah this is weird

yeah i still have no idea what is wrong it is driving me nuts!!

Are those codes coming up in both the KOER test and in continuous memory? I, too, would doubt that both sensors would go bad at the same time after only two years, though I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility.

KOER codes indicate "hard faults," CM codes without an accompanying KOER code would suggest intermittent faults. Where the CEL isn't on all the time, these might even be "old" CM codes. If they aren't coming up in the KOER test, I might start by clearing CM and see if/when they come back.

Those codes both indicate a lean condition. Are there other symptoms that would confirm or refute the computer's observation (black exhaust to indicate rich for example)? Condition of spark plugs can be a good clue?

By the book, one of the first test when you get an O2 sensor code is fuel pressure. What is the fuel pressure?

A vacuum leak would be a quick cause of a lean condition. Any sign of a vacuum leak?

a leak would cause a lean condition ?!?! ...huh:confused: did'nt know about that ! learn something new everyday i suppose .

Yep anything that can effect the amount of air going through the O2 censors can cause a lean condition. Even the vacuum lines. All for that oh so special number, "14.7".

The spark plugs have a witish color to them with now fowling, almost like they are getting to hot. I cant here a vacuum leak i have followed the lines and nothing , although the cruise control does not work anymore?!?!?

One of the causes for "overheating" plugs that I see listed in "how to read spark plug" pages is a lean condition. So your reading of the spark plugs seems consistent with the data reported by the O2 sensors, so I would tend to believe the O2 sensors are good. This leads us to look at other aspects of fuel control.

You said you checked and found no vacuum leaks, but the cruise control isn't working. Cruise control is vacuum actuated, I would double and triple check the vacuum lines going to the CC to make sure a line didn't come disconnected. Maybe even unplug and cap off the lines going to the cruise control to eliminate that system as a possible source of leak.

Recommendation to check fuel pressure still remains in effect, as well.

if the cruise is in question and no leaks are spotted ...does'nt the unit use a diaphram ? so the leak may not be the hose that connects to the tree but in the unit it's self ? could be that the diaphram is shot .

Plugging the lines feeding the CC would tell you if it is the diaphragm or the lines leading to it.

That cruise control plan is a very smart one i will try that tomor after work!!! Did the fuel pressure tonight and found it at 26 psi at idle, throttled it up and it would drop to 20 ish??

Something's wrong with fuel delivery, then. Any fuel getting past the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) and back to the tank? Does the vacuum line to the FPR have gasoline in it? Any kinks or plugs or anything in the supply line? Basically diagnosis at this point is about determining if the problem is the pump (unable to supply adequate pressure) or the FPR not maintaining the right pressure or a plumbing problem that is reducing the pressure to the fuel rail.

I know this might be a very simple and obvious solution - but have you checked the fuel pump relay? I know when mine went, it went intermittently and unpredictably. I had to spray and clean the relay socket contacts as well.

I have tried switching the FPR with one i know is good and that did nothing, there was no fuel in the FPR. I have not tried disconnnecting the line going back to the tank for the simple reason they are a ***** to unhook (steel braided lines)

And i have not tryed the relay, i will tonight as i am trying the cruise control. but if there are any other ideas that would be awesome!! Thanks for everything so far!!

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...could just swap it with the a/c relay to see real quick if thats it