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Need Help! Can't identify source of problem - Electrical? Battery? etc


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December 13, 2012
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2004 Ford Explorer
Where to begin... Bought used 2004 Explorer. 93K miles at the time (98 now), one owner, no accidents (carfax). Rear passenger window wasnt working.

Few days after buying, Service Engine Soon light comes on.
A while after that, turn signals began to stop working. Would blink once and stop, would blink out of rhytm, first the right turn signal then both.
Replaced a fuse - driver side under dash, slot #5 (I believe). Fuse did not look blown and this did not fix the problem (Figured, wrong fuse or could be fuse relay).
Two days later, went looking at christmas lights, turn signals acting up more then ever, however I discovered that my rear passenger window now works.
Next morning, after a night of below freezing weather, started it up and let it ran. On my way home from Austin to Houston, stopped for gas. Was able to use remote to lock/unlock doors while pumping. Went to start her up, nothing. Read manual, turned heater from a/c to fan, was like an electrical surge, car was honking, lights flashing, dash was lit up, used remote to stop alarm. Attached jumper cables, electricity came back, was able to jump car.
Unfortunately, had to stop again for gas. Had to jump.
First, airbag symbol flashed as the man who helped us moved the clamps around, has he was repositioning them, dash would light up, several times the needles on myspeed/tach would be fluttering, wouldnt start.
Waited, all dash lit up, no vibrating needles, able to start.
The entire time my hazards would not blink.
After jump, got home. Turned car off, then tried to turn it back on, it came on no problem, has turned on a few more times.
Service Engine Soon was off, turn signals worked.
Decided to run an errand, turn signals acted up then Service Engine Soon came on again. Came home.

Where do I begin fixing this??? Thank you!

You said it has an alarm? 04 did not come with alarm. Does it have a remote start tied into the alarm also. I would start with unhooking that and any thing not factory installed. An after market alarm will be tied to the starting system and into the lights. Then get the battery tested if it is not new and check the battery leads. Check the wiring harness that runs along the engine block to the starter. Get the no start problem solved first. Next work on getting the turn, hazard and head lights working correctly. The multi switch in the steering wheel my be damaged due to the alarm/electrical feed back. Look thru some of the similar threads that are listed here. Good luck

Sorry, not alarm. The keyless entry. It acts somewhat as an alarm, has a panic button on the remote.

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like there is a wiring loom with a bunch of frayed wires or it could possibly be a bad computer.