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Need Help, drop brackets


April 7, 2006
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hills grove, pa
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yo guys, i have been pieceing my lift kit together, mostly with used parts since ive want to say on the cheap but still very driveable
my goal, im shooting for just under 6" of lift, so far i got 4" coils, 4-6" lift shocks, r/a drop brackets, and rear soa parts..

and im thinking about drop brackets, there is 2 that i have to chose from... the first is a tuff country 4" drop bracket for $160 and the other is skyjacker 6" drop bracket which is $220. would the 4" work to align my truck perfect? or would i need to fork over the cash for the 6"?


I would think that you would need to have the 6" coils or run a 2" f-150 spacer below the 4" coils would probably work out too. Or you could just check out ebay for some cheap 6" coils like these these 6" Coils
I know they are for a Ranger but i am pretty sure they are the same thing

as far as I know both brackets are drilled for both the 4 and 6" coils, you just choose the upper or lower hole. I know superlift brackets are, and i assume skyjacker are as well, maybe not trailmaster.

tuff country is drilled for 6"?