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Need help evap leak


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July 31, 2011
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Topeka kansas
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97 explorer 5.0
I have 97 explorer 5.0 with a evaporation leak. But have and idea what it is just need help. The evaporation service port by the battery is broke off of where it goes. Looked everywhere and just can't pin point where it broke off to plug it.

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Goes to a line at the vapor management valve under the battery tray.


Yeah I tried to check there pulled it out from behind headlight but there was no empty ports

At idle whole cab fills of gas smell

EVAP service port disconnected

I have the same problem with my EVAP service port. It has broken off at the bottom of the hose/tube and I can't find where it came from. I have the 4.0L in my 2001 explorer and although no dash lights have come on I can't stand not being able to find where it goes. On swetrids suggestion I removed the battery tray and still could not located the broken end. I don't know how long it has been like this but any suggestions/pictures would be greatly appreciated.

What I am thinking is the TEST PORT line taps into the lower (WHITE) connector of the Vapor Management Valve.

Probably won't help much:



Thanks drdoom! I had the whole system off but never inspected the connectors that closely. Will check it out tomorrow.
P.S. The pictures helped out a ton.