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Need Help Explorer keeps dieing


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November 5, 2004
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Las Cruces, NM
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This is my first time here. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a 1994 explorer xlt with a v6 4.0l

I have been having a lot of problems with it just dieing on me. It will happen when I driving along the road and some times when at a stop light. However, most of the time it just doesn’t want to start after I have driven it for a while. I’ll go somewhere and when it’s set for just a little while it will not start again. Once I let it set a little longer it will start up with a very low idle 200-400 and if I give it gas it will die again.

I have no idea what it could be. Thanks in advance for any help.


welcome to the board first off are you getting a CHECK ENGINE LIGHT? if you are please get the codes read at autozone or you can read them yourself and when you have the codes please post them here and designate wether they are KOEO(Key on engine off) or KOER(Key on engine running test)

Does it do it after the engine is warmed up, cold, or randomly?

A couple of thoughts. When it stalls and/or won't start does it:
Have spark?
Have fuel pressure?
Have fuel in the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator?