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Need Help Finding Sub


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September 23, 2013
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San Marcos, TX
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2001 Sport Trac 4x4
I just ordered a 10" down-firing box seen here. It has a mounting depth of 5.25" and .56 Cu. ft of airspace. My amp is an Orion Cobalt I had laying around that is 250x1 RMS. I've been looking at a few different subwoofers, but the ones I've been interested in are too deep or call for much more airspace. For those of you that have used one of the pre-fabbed boxes available online (they all seem to have about the same airspace), which sub have you gone with?

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I have a MTX Thunderform enclosure with a Polk Audio 10" sub. I can list the specs when I get home.

I just checked out the box you're buying and it looks like it's for a 2nd gen Sport Trac. I'm not 100% sure of differences in the rear seat and floor configuration on the 2nd Gen but it looks like the floor pan is deeper then in the 1st Gen. Here's the dimensions for a top firing box 1st Gen just for reference...

(dead links)

Here's a sub box I built using the above dimensions...


Here's my sub enclosure setup I have now...





I really like that Thunderform, but it's a little out of my price range at this time. I e-mailed the place I ordered the enclosure from and he ensured me that it will fit all years. It should be here by the weekend, so I will find out then.

Glad to hear it'll work, first time I've seen that particular box. I picked up the sub, enclosure and a matching amp off of craigslist for $250 or 300 (can't remember, guy just traded his ST in a week after buying the whole setup). I've hit 158db with most of the bass turned off and settings on the amp turned way down, that's with trail gear under the seat and a carseat on top on the seat that the enclosure was under. Country has the best bass, only got 147db from my bass competition cd's. LOL

I haven't started tearing things out, so please bear with me if these are dumb questions I'm about to ask. I come from a Jeep YJ where there were no body panels and the whole cab was a ground :). I am going to mount my amp in the factory sub location. Are there any good grounds back there? Also, where did you bring your power wire into the cab at? Again, sorry for the trivial questions, but it's freezing outside so I haven't had time to peek around yet.

No questions are dumb, we all have to start somewhere.

I ran the monster cable from the battery with an inline fuse (full amp wiring kit) along the inner fender, behind the brake power booster, through the firewall via the steering columns' rubber grommet, down under the center console, then under the rubber carpet to the rear cargo area and wired to the amp. I have the amp wire grounded to the floor pan in the rear cargo area.

I layered up and braved the cold (35 may not be too cold to most of you, but for Central TX, it is freezing), and got the factory stuff removed and my cabling ran. Ended up using the grommet that my transmission shifter cable uses to pull the power wire through.

Here's where the amp is going to be mounted:


Would I be OK using self-tapping screws in this location, or does the rear window go down too far for that? I also found a seat belt bolt that seems like it would work perfect, what do you think?


Yes the seatbelt bolt is a good location for the ground wire connection. I made a amp rack out of MDF and mounted that to the floor pan in front of the rear window motor. I'm not sure if it'd be safe to have screws going into where the rear window go up and down.

Just for grins, do you have any pics of your rack setup? Can't wait to have my TX Country bumpin'.

Horrible picture but this is the only one I have right now. I'll try and get better ones tomorrow.



Amp fired up. I ended up going with a Rockford R2D4-10 sub due to the fact that it matched my box specs and my amp specs pretty dang good. Not sure if it is a trash woofer or not, but for the price on Amazon it couldn't be beat. I'll post back once I have everything in.

Now it's time to list the CD-6 and factory amp/sub on Craigslist and see if anybody bites.


Still patiently waiting. 5 days late now.

Sorry, been extremely busy lately. My Trac is out of commission for now. I'll get a picture for you though.

This was a really quick and simple rack I made that screws to the floorpan behind the rear seat...



Brown Santa finally delivered today so I got everything put in. I still need to make a rack or figure out how to mount the amp in the factory sub location. The sound is 1000x better than the factory sub.




Box fits great and was a great deal for the price, and the sub sounds good as well. If anyone is looking to put in a sub on the cheap, I'd recommend it.