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Need help from everybody: factory radio ?'s

Derek's E.B.

September 5, 2002
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Louisville KY
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96 Eddie Bauer
I have a 96 Eddie Bauer and have the factory tape/fm/am unit up front and want to upgrade a 6 disc in some how. Will a 6 disc unit play through my factory radio? If not aftermarket...will a stock changer play through it?


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[Rob Schneider's Voice] You can Do IT! [/Rob Schneider's Voice]

Yes you can buy a Factory CD changer and Wiring harness and plug it into the radio, as long as the radio has the "CD" button on it.....

I did this to my 97 Sport......

The "Rob Schneider's voice" didn't work because you used "(" instead of "["!

Damn, you'd think that I would know that since I am a Moderator!

Oh Well I will go back and Modify it.

I have a 6 disc Ford factory changer for sale! Reply if interested. Its only two months old and works perfectly with all factory ford units. It is controlled using factory faceplate and mounts inside glove box. I have all necessary wiring. I am anxious to sell!