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Need help ID-ing Locker in my Silverado 1500


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November 29, 2000
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My 2008 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab came with a "locking differential" (10 bolt rear diff). It is still functional, but I want to know who made it, and what its called. Anybody have a clue??

I have changed the diff fluid before, but this time I spent a little time looking for a brand name or identification of this locker. This is the goofiest, most complex locker I have ever seen, and I have had ARB's Detroits, E-Lockers and Powertrax No-Slips. I pulled the diff cover because it was due for a fluid change, and the locker locked up on me when I was backing over a high curb. I think the right-rear tire lifted off the ground and that tire spun, then made a big boom and locked. It acted like a spool until I went reverse, forward, reverse, forward a few times and it unlocked. Thought I smoked it, but it looks fine and no metal chunks of slivers were found in old fluid.

Identifying information:
568 casted into end
L2 07 312 1544 stamped into side
That's it, no other markings that I could see.

This appears to be the part that activates the locker. The little barrel looking part spins rapidly when one tire is turning and the opposite tire is not. It appears to work on inertia as the faster it spins, it overrides the little springs and the "barrel" opens. The little tabs engage the flat piece of metal below that, pushing it towards the center of the locker. There is a piece that looks like a "H" that seems to stop the spider gears from turning, locking the differential. I am not sure that is how this works, just guessing after messing with it for awhile. The pin is held in place with a small bolt on the end of the unit and has a lot of wiggle.

Opposite side

Casting numbers

Stamped numbers