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Need Help Lowering my E.B.

NoLimits C.C.

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September 26, 2002
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Southern IL
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1998 Eddie Bauer
I have a 98 Eddie Bauer 4x4 and I would like to lower it. I was told that I could NOT bagg it and I am looking for some other ideas of lowering. I have a set of 18" rims with 55 series tires, I would like to lower it about 3" in the rear and 3.5" in the front. I am trying to get that gap out of my wheel wells, but I also dont want to loose the comfort side to the ride either. Can you help me out? :eek:

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You are going to lose ride comfort either way. Any more than 2 inches and you will be hitting your bumpstops. Sorry :(

Oh yeah, and it can be bagged, for a price. I imagine that would improve ride quality some.

Whoever said you can't bag your Ex is a liar, it can be done but a lot of custom work has to be completed. Lowering is fairly straight forward. First, the easy thing you can do is throw some 3 inch blocks or lowering leaf springs in the back (you can get the leaf springs from AIM For the front, you will have to flip your front torsion assemblies, and then adjust the bolts to get your desired height from there. You'll probably have to cut your bumpstops or completely remove them. I only have a 2 inch drop and I trimmed my bumpstops just so I could get some additional suspension travel.

If you need more info, do a search for a thread called "going for the gusto." Good luck.

Someone told me that on this forum there was a post/instructions about just pulling or unscrewing a bolt would drop it and then you tighten it back up or something like that? He told me this at a car show as he was passing by and he did it to his X.

Thanks, Hartman I beleive what you said is what I was looking for about the bolt. Thanks

Just to throw in something:
Do you have the air ride system? If he does, what do you do about that guys?

Yes, I have the air ride. I guess that makes a difference.

Originally posted by NoLimits C.C.
Yes, I have the air ride. I guess that makes a difference.

Well, there ya go. You are already bagged!:D


The air ride I am refering to is the Factory air suspension that the X comes with.

Hmm, air ride, that might get in the way.......

you'll probably need to scrap the air ride system altogether and get normal shocks. You'd need to get new shocks anyway lowered more than 1.5-2".

So what do you think the ball park figure is on doing something like this? Bags are going to run me $1,500. Do you think bags are better?