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Need help on cheapested lowering method


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July 2, 2004
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I have a 93 Explorer four door 2wd 5 speed 4.0L. Im wanting to keep 15" rims and stock sized tires if not maybe just a little thinner tire to keep costs down but I still want a little bit more of a lowered stance. Im looking at wanting maybe a 2/3 lowering and would like to know the cheapest way to do this. I've heard since I have a ford that im screwed and need to spend a few hundred on ibeams and if thats the case I just wont lower it...

Pleas let me know the easiest and/or cheapest method to give myself a lower stane on my daily driver.


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you don't want to ecconomise on suspension.
Your life and the lives of those you drive around are at hand.
Suspension stuff should be done correctly and with the best product avalible.

Check they have some lowering kits.
I am not sure if they have one for your year but contact them they are very helpful.

Oh, welcome to the site, don't be a stranger.

A cheap way to lower the front would be to cut the coils springs. I do not recommend this, as this could lead to dangerous results. I would suggest a set of lowering springs for the front. I believe the rangers use the same spring, so lowering springs for a ranger should work up front.

Now onto a credible answer to the question...

DJM makes 3" ibeams for 2WDs that you can get for the front and use 3" blocks for the rear. Don't mess with cutting coils and all that mess unless you want to go lower than 3".

Hi 87layinlow, and welcome:

Don't cut your coils. It will make the spring too stiff, and ruin the ride quality. Either get lowering springs or drop ibeams like Hartman suggested. I wouldn't go past 3" in the rear with blocks, because spring wrap becomes an issue (I know you said 3 would be max, but you'll eventually want more). However, you can get the rear springs re-arched to give you more drop if you need it. In fact, re-arching the springs for the entire drop would be a better solution than blocks, but it costs more.