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Need help on rim size

On my '97 Explorer XLT, I have Goodyear Wrangler RT/S (P235/75R15) tires w/ 15x7 rims. I wanted to get new rims without getting new tires. I was wondering if I could get rims that are around 15x7 but would still fit, like 15x8 or 16x7. Or do I have to get exactly 15x7? Also, what is bolt pattern and backspacing and how would I find them out? Thanks for all the help.

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You can go with a 15x8, or a 15x7, but not a 16 anything. And this if you want to keep your tires. But i would do with a 15x8 because you can put a bigger tire on them, and in the long run you will wish you did. If you are looking for the street look then you can fit 16-20'', but you will have to get tires for them. lata

to mske the long story short, yes, you can go 15X8 and still keep your tires...... 15x8 will only make your truck stand wider. Bolt pattern is 5 on 4.5...... backspacing? I think it's 3.25"............ when you're shopping for a rim, tell them it's for an Explorer,,,,, they should know... yeah, at lkeast that.

Good luck!

I did a search on backspacing and I still don't get it completely. So it is the amount the wheel will stick out from the car? Does it matter if i get 3.25 or 3.75 backspacing and which is better w/ RT/S's?

Backspacing is the distance from the rear edge of the rim to the mounting surface. Offset is the distance from the rear mounting surface to the center of the rim. An 8" rim with 4" backspacing has 0" offset. A 10 " rim with the same backspacing has a + 2" offset. An 8" rim with +4" offset has 0" backspacing.

8" rims will work even with 31" tires with no lift. You should get them with standart offset..... they will just stick out 2" from the factory rim's position.