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need help on wire sizing for my amp and cap

October 21, 2003
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hey guys I just bought a 1 farad capacitor this weekend for my system, I have 2 amps one is a 400 watt and one is a 200 watt. now the cap directions says to use at least a 8 to 12 guage wire to power it and the amps , but the wire set I have in there now is alot bigger than that, i dont have a cap right now juyst a dual amp wiring kit, can anyone tell the right size wire to use and how to wire this all up?? thanks for the help guys


Check here.

I would go with 4 gauge just in case you want to upgrade later, but you could get away with 6 gauge according to the chart.

thanks for the link, I dont think im gonna be adding any more amps or anything to my system I have it just the way I want it but I will look at 4 guage wire then , I cant remember what size wire I have in there right now but its pretty big. thanks again !