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Need help picking a sub


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May 27, 2002
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2004 XLT 4x4 4.0
So I have a 12" sealed enclosure and a 4 channel amp that I am going to bridge the rear channels on so I will get 270 watts RMS at 4 ohms to the sub. I just can't decide what sub will work well with this. I want to spend a maximum of $200 on the sub.

I have looked at Alpine type S and R, Boston G212, Kicker comp VR, Polk momo, Infinity Perfect 12.1 (discontinued), MTX etc

How the heck do I make a decision? I have nothing to base it on, except hopefully your feedback.

I think 270 watts is enough for me- I want more bass than stock but I dont want people to hear me two blocks away. If later on I decide that I really want more, I will get a mono amp for the sub.


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u will get many different opinions, if i were u i would try to go to a best buy or something and listen to what they have and try to decide what sounds better i have used Type R's and they are pretty good i bouch for JBL but again its only my opinion.

i have 2 MTX 4500's and i really like them

how important is sq vs spl? what sort of music do you listen to? does the amp have a low pass crossover that you can turn on for just those channels?

Yeah you really need to listen to a few (maybe not even those models, just anything by that brand will tell you what you need to know) and think about what kind of music you listen to. If its a lot of classic rock/alternative with a little hip hop, then you might be thinking about an SQ sub. I've got 2 infinity perfects, and for SQ I can't think of many better, especially for the good price. You through kicker in there, which is a well known SPL brand, for big thumps. Alpine and Boston are both solid, quality brand names. But really anyone could tell you what they have, or what they've liked, but you the best thing would be to just drive around a bit and listen to a few and see what you think.

Personally, I'd go with the Alpine Type-E . But I'm a registered Alpine *****. The Infinity Kappas are nice as well, and with that little power going to it you should be fine.

But like they said, it's really a matter of personal preference. Some people like the distortion that Sony subs make. Go figure.

I have JL's and they sound great

What kind of JL's do you have?

Image Dynamics ID12
on sale at cardomain for $96
works great in a small sealed box

Alpine Type R 12"
goes for about $140, a very very popular sub because it can take a whole lot of watts and is rather cheap

or if you want to spend your max of $200 theres the TC Sounds TC1000

best options at those price points imo

im putting one of these in my sploder soon, that thing WANGS

how about a jbl power series new in box for $150 shipped...

See if you can find subs made by "Hertz". They're an Italian company and I hadn't heard of them either before I scored mine. They are extremely well made, have lots of different wiring options, and what was important to me, have very small mounting depths. I was looking for a high-end sub to stealth mount in the rear passenger side pocket on my old '00 Sport, and all the good stuff doesn't fit. Too deep. I had an Alpine Type R 10" in a box and when I tried to install it in my Q-Logic Stealth mount box, it didn't work. I ended up using an entry level Infinity for a while I scoured the city in vain with a tape measure trying to find something that would work.

The Hertz sub fit perfectly. Most importantly, it sounds awesome. Only one shop in town sells these subs and they're into ultra high-end installs. They had a moderate price tag, but when compared to higher end offerings from all the mainstream companies, they were quite reasonable and side by side, you can tell the quality of Hertz many of the other brands I looked at. This shop carries lots of brands. The tech-head that sold me them explained why these are such great subs, but it's all Chinese to me, and I forget the details anyhow. :confused:

Not sure if this is the model I have, but it sure looks like it (10"):


I currently have it installed in a small sealed box in the Eddie I traded in the Sport on, but when I get the ambition, I'm installing it in the side pocket where the wimpy OEM sub is now (long since disconnected).

Will probably be a challenge to find them in the US (I don't even see a US Distributor on their website), but you may find something in the grey market or eBay or something.

Thanks for all the replies guys. There are so many different companies out there, often it's hard to tell what is quality and what is no-name brand.

Talking to a local shop I was recommended the JL 12W3, and I like that idea since I know JL is a trusted name in subs. I think they said $199 for this model, which is the top range of my budget, but buying it local gives a piece of mind you can't get with ebay.

What do you guys think of the online car stereo retailers that are not authorized distributors? For example JL or Diamond Audio doesn't allow internet sales. However, you can still find this stuff, often times for 60% of regular new cost. Is it legit? Are these factory "seconds" or what? I dont understand how these guys can purchase this equipment legitimately and still make a profit when their price is so low. How do you know you arent buying a chinise copy of the real thing... they are getting pretty good these days. ASUS had a problem with counterfeit computer motherboards before, they looked almost identical to the real thing!

the jl is seriously overpriced

i wouldn't worry about buying from most of those places

If you could get an RE Audio x.. 12 for the same price as the JL Audio 13W7, would you buy the x..?

Why? By the way Expo..I can't find those kick panels on the internet anywhere.

none on ebay? i have a semi-local place that i'm sure will have them used for cheap if you want to pay for a bit of gas?

anybody on here parting out a 95-01?

Go for it. Let me know when you want the money and how much total.

Just an update..
the Infinity perfect 12.1 is back in stock, so I decided to go ahead and get it. A combination of great reviews, reasonable price, and friend's recommendation made the decision easy.

Thanks everyone for your comments.


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i'll have to call them and see what the deal will be- i just picked up two explorer doors and a couple of windows from them for my cousin. I know they have a bunch of explorers over there.