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Need HELP quick. front axle & Transfer case


July 28, 2006
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94 4.0 4WD
I haven't been on here in a long time. Sold my explorer but just bought a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. I thought I got a good deal on it but I looked under it because the front tires are not pulling. Well it is missing the front left hand axle. Don't know how long it has been drove without an axle. I went and bought a new axle but I need a circlip now. Where can I get one of them?

How is the easiest way to put the axle in? Also can I put the axle in with out a circlip?

Transfer case question is this. I have been reading on here and found out I have a vicous transfer case. It has a small bind when you turn. Does it sound like the vicous in my transfer case? I only have 1 axle on the front so could it be something in the front diff going bad?

Sorry for the questions. I have to get this thing fixed soon. This is going to be our family car and now that I bought it I have to start working on it before I even drive it. LOL Kind of sucks but O well.

Ok well I just looked and the circlip is in the box so I'm good on that part. LOL

So I'm not as up the creek as I thought. LOL Thanks anyway guys! I will pull the front diff cover and look at the inside of the diff and hope nothing is bad and when I get some extra money I will buy the Vicous I need for the transfer case and tear it apart one weekend.

Well now that I got the axle in and now I know why the axle was out. Now the car is making a noise up front. So I guess I will have to get the front end built now. :( This sucks!