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October 13, 2001
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Abingdon, Va
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'95 XLT
ok, i just bought a new JVC head unit JV-SH77 i think.

MY QUESTION: does anybody have a readily avaible wiring diagram for the stock headunit/radio from i 95 explorer(it has the JBL system in it)??

if u dont have the actual diagram, can someone please tell me which wires go where, etc...


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Isn't there a plug-in harness available for JVC HUs?

there may be...but where do i find one of those?!?!

...I bought i wireing harness kit for 88-up Ford vehicles...the 91-01 explorer was in the list of applications, but the harness i need, doesnt fit!!
pissed me off when i found out

If you have the JBL system, you gotta get the correct wiring harness to match the signal to your amps. It is made by Peripheral and can be found at Circuit City and Best Buy, among others.



I have one for a 97. It might work for you. Email me at and I will scan it and email it to you. Might take me a day though.

wal-mart sells it too. it's the premium radio harness, not the regular 88-up ford harness.

Also look at Circuit City or Best Buys and then you can get via mail from Crutchfields.

Good luck......