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Need help: Regearing


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September 18, 2004
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Carrollton, GA
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'96 sport 4x4
Ok gas mileage sucks with stock 3.27 and 32". So prob going to regear to 3.73 or 4.10 not sure yet which one. But my question is what all do i need to regear front & rear? Do i just need the gears??

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that and a person to do it.

when you change gears will it really help fuel milege?

yes if uv changed tire diameter

get 4.10s if you have 32's and yes it will help your milage coming from a 3.27

wheres a good place to look? And bout how much $$$ for gears and kit?

ahaha! u gotta do some searching too! to get an idea of how much the gears and the kit costs.. try the net - its a wonderful place.

"the Net is vast and limitless."

at the top of this page should be a search text field that allows u to search either this message board or the net via Google.

i was in the same boat as you when i did my own gears

3.27 with 32"s SUCKS MAJORLY, i was getting like 13 mpg city, and like 19 on the highway

4.10 and 32"s would be just peachy. only thing is if you plan on going with bigger tire size later, it might not be adaquet enough for your liking. Ill admit, 4.56 is a lil much for 32"s, but i enjoy it. 4.33 probably would be just right.

now that ive regeared to 4.56 i get 17/18 mpg consistantly (aslong as i dont crusie over 65! hahah)

if you have to ask... you probably dont want to do it yourself.

it costed me easily 1000 after gears, locker, install kits and tools...

but if you are hardheaded like me check out my write up on 'doing your own gears.'

Ill prob just stick to 4.10 BC if i do go with bigger tires it will be after 4"suspension and ill only go to 33" so 4.10 will work.

Is a locker just a locking diff??
Would it be a good idea to add a locker too?

If you look arounf enough you can find good delas on gears/loscker. I got a set of 4.10's with 1000 miles on them for my old wrangler for $50 shipped. If you are thinking about geting a locker in the future i would go ahead and do it now while they have everything apart. It will save on labor. There are many options out there for lockers, just search the net. If you want to get a nice selectable I recomend ARB, but they aint cheap. And not to be rude, but if you have to ask what is needed to install i would get a pro to do it. If you are just a little off, you can do some major damage.

I dont know **** when it comes to work like this.
im going to check on how much labor would be but if its unreal my cousin is going to do it for me.

For my wrangler i got gears installed for $600 something labor, I think, not sure, it was a few years ago. If you go with ARB's remember air lines, compressor, wiring etc. Make sure you cousin knows what he is doing. My friend had 4.56's and ARB's installes in his wrangler and blew up his rear end cause they were off by a little. Yuo dont want to be far from home and limp home with no rar end :)

4wheel parts wanted $1200 to install my gears, with out lockers.

F that haha

you should be able to find somewhere to do it for $150-200 with your parts. $300-400 with theres.

$600 is too much.

Mcane6 said:
but if its unreal my cousin is going to do it for me.

i'd go with ur cousin and be there to watch over him when he does it.. changing differential gears is a worthwhile skill.

ok just wondering...if i ever got 37's on my truck would 4.56's be enough?

No you would need atleast 4.88 if not 5.13!