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need help removing a sparkplug


January 16, 2004
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97 v8 awd xlt
I started to replace my sparkplugs and wires today and needless to say it has been a *****. im stuck on one plug right now that is on the passenger side. the 2 back sparkplugs on each side of the engine have some sort of metal sheild around the sparkplug that is in my way. all the other plugs came out fine except for this one. its like the metal around the plug is two close to the hex part on the plug and i cant get the socket over it. is there a way to break it off hell i have tried bending it with no luck. anyone else ran into this. let me know. what u all think.

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Take off the inner fender liners and go thru the wheel wells.

i have doen that. i was asking about the metal shroud around the actual spot where the sparkplug screws in. they are only on the 2 cilinders close to exaust manifolds. 7 &8 and 3&4 i beleive are the numbers. im going to cut them off with a dremel if i dont find a easier way. i dont see what purpose they serve. let me know that u think or any suggestions. surely someone has ran into this problem

It sounds like you have the more rare GT40 head, I don't recall having much trouble with mine. What is your production date? The head revision was in the 97's.

After trying everything, try to peel/pull the aluminum shield off. It does serve to deflect a lot of heat away from the plug wires. Good luck,

i didnt have any problem with all but 1 of them. i have tried to pull and it is pretty stout. i am going to try some more tomorrow and if worse comes to worse. i will cut it off with a dremel.

still cant get the damn thing off. i have bent the hell out of it and still cant get that metal peice off. and i cant get to the plug. that was a stupid design if u ask me. that something chevy would do not ford. i guess i can try a dremel, but i still dont know if that will get it off. need help asap.

finaly got it and it was a sob.