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Need help Still having problems


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April 30, 2006
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Lawrence, Kansas
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94 Explorer Sport
Need help Still having problems PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

Hi, new here so bear with me.
I have recently purchased a 94 explorer sport 4X4 with the auto tranny,from the door tag and the owners manual, I have an open 3.27:1 gears in the differentials.

I have a bouncing speedo!!! I have replaced speed sensor and installed the right speedo gear, I think. LOL!!! What was in there was an off white gear which should be for a manual tranny. I installed the green gear.
To check the cable, I put a reversable drill on the speedo gear stub and ran it. It registered 65 mph and was very steady.
So at this point, I have eliminated all issues v]from the speedo gear to the instument cluster. Correct or not?

I put my finger in the hole to check the condition of the drive gear, which was good, but could almost swear I felt it turn. Is this possible? I would think that the drive gear would be attached to the output shaft.

Anyone here ever been into the transfer case and know what is in there to secure the drive gear to the output shaft?

Please help. I can not use the cruise control for this reason and I drive 75 miles round trip per day.


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The speedo drive gear is a helical gear that mounts on the output shaft. I cannot imagine it slipping. In all my experience a bouncing speedo has always been a cable issue... but your drill exercise is seemingly a good way to eliminate that. Still.... I might consider cable replacement....Just based on my prior experience.

Glacier, Would there be a exploded view of this area of the transfer case? I was thinking that the gear that I can put my finger on it the may be an idler gear driven off the output shaft. I may be wrong though.


I cannot manage to paste it.... but the gear you feel in that hole IS the drive gear... COULD it be doing something wierd? I suppose. There may be some slop in it but once it starts to be driven in one direction I imagine all play is taken up.

Ah, But WAIT! I figured out how to do it, and here is your diagram!


i have seen before, either the cable end is not as square or the drive hole where the cable goes in is worn causing the cable to slip in the drive which will cause your fluttler.

BrooklynBay said:
Why did you replace your white gear with a green gear?
Because I have an auto and the gear that was in there was for a standard tranny.

Glacier, That gear #17285 pressed on to the output shaft? Or is it supposed to have a key way in it?

4WD vehicles use the same color coded gear as a manual transmission regardless if they are being used on an automatic, or manual transmission. Refer to the end of the speedometer gear specification chart in the sticky on the top of the transmission section, or in the link from my signature.

Well I can be SOME help, but will probably cause more questions than I have answers. Is it keyed? no. It is pressed on? I don't think so. The real Q is HOW is it driven, and honestly I do not know - BUT.... I can show you some pics. Here is the gear:


Here is a peek into one end... notice the top of the plastic is smooth? Also the inside does not look like a press fit to me... but then I admit my ignorance freely...


A look at the other end shows a difference. Are these little indentations where it is driven? I dunno. (apologies for the cat hair in the pic :confused: )


and one final view


So there you have it. You may be asking yourself if I have this one I must have removed it and so why don't I know. Well... I didn't remove it. It was part of a grab bag of 1354 parts Gremlinstein sent me. If anyone would know the answer it would be him. You might PM him the Q.

To remove the gear, you do not have to drop the TC. You will need to disconnect the driveshaft, and unbolt and remove the output yoke - you probably will need a puller for this. Then you will need to pull the output seal and right under it will be the gear.

Don't know if this helps you or just confuses things further. I'll be interested to find out the answer. Once I finish the 4R70W Diary I'll either be doing the BW 1354 Diary or the BW 4405 Diary, haven't decided which. So SOMEDAY I will know the answer to this interesting Q.

Glacier, that gear is the internal gear on the 1354. I think he should check the end gear on the VSS that engages with this. Wouldn't that VSS be the same as the one on the 2WD which bolts to the rear extension housing? By the way, did you get my PM about the AOD Frankentranny?

I posted those pics because THAT was the gear he was interested in. It is the one in the diagram we were discussing. He said he thought it might be loose or something. I agree he should check the end driven gear as well, but think he probably has. In the 4WD this is what drives the speedo gear. In the 2WD up to a certain point, the speedo gearing came off the output shaft and it was accessed through the 2WD Extension housing.

I got your PM.. AOD builders have been using the wide ratio parts from the 4R70W for some time. I have bought parts from that site, they are good guys.

Now we are getting somewhere!! I will order the white gear since it is the one I really need now. But I think I will hold off in installing it. I believe that the piece Glacier is holding is held staionary to the output shaft by means of force/compression by the output yolk nut. I believe the plastic piece is pressed onto the steel piece and is held in place by mere resistance. BrooklynBay, I have replace all of what you posted in the pic although I did put the wrong driven gear in. But it is still doing what it did with the older white gear.
I could put the new gear in but I doubt it will make little difference.
Anyway, would anyone have the part #'s handy for what I think I need?
Drive gear, yolk seal,TC seal.

You know, I could swear that the drive gear is metal by what little view I had and by feel.
So the other question I have, What transfer case do I have?


All you would need is the output shaft seal (yoke seal) and the gear. You might pull the old one to see if it is bad before buying a new one.

The seal number - if I have it right - is F3TB-7B215-A and is about $6. I cannot find a number for the drive (speedo) gear. You are running the BW 1354 TC.

Just to set the records straight, What TC do I have? Kinda new at this so forgive me.

You have (ahem) a BORG WARNER 1354 Transfer Case.

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BrooklynBay said:
One thing I'm curious about is if the internal gear is white for example, does that mean that the VSS gear also has to be white?
That is a good question. I think I need to visit my friendly neighborhood Ford stealership.