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Need help to find driveline noise/vibes


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December 11, 2004
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Kamloops British Columbia
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1994 XLT
Recently I sarted to notice a humming or droning noise when on the highway. It seems to occur at about 100km/h plus. It is quite audible, easily heard over road noise or wind outside. At first I was sure it was coming from the front of the ex, now I'm not so sure. The noise can be heard easily but only felt just slightly. First I suspected an out of balance wheel so I rotated them front to back (thinking the noise was from the front). No change. Then I checked the front wheel bearings, no sign of movement, lots of grease, no weird noises when turned by hand. I have manual hubs and they are functioning fine, they disconect the front axle so I assume the noise does not come from there. I did notice some uneven wear on the front tires when I rotated them so I assume I need a wheel alignment but I don't think it would cause my noise. Sorry to be so long winded but I am just trying to be as clear as possible,. Where do I look next. Any help would be appreciated.

You didn't specify if it occured during acceleration,deceleration.You may want to check the rear diff, pinion bearing ( I am going to attempt to change mine for a similar noise), Could also be the exhaust system.