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Need help to get a new motor


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December 11, 2004
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Kamloops British Columbia
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1994 XLT
Hello all, I have a friend with a "91 4wd eddie bauer ex that is badly in need of a new motor. My question is this...I thought eddie bauer was just a trim/accessory level but they have been told that they need a motor from a 91-93 eddie bauer. Is this bs. I would think that any 91-93 4.0l would Ranger or even Aerostar van should work shouldn't it. ( be gentle I'm by no means an expert )

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I'm not sure about the Aerostar, but any '91 -'93 x motor should work for sure.

Thanks, After I posted I remembered that the aerostar would have very different motor mounts etc. But at least now we know what to look for.


Get the 5.0 'stang engine :p

Course those are money pits from what I'm told.

The 5.0's are only money pits because the hop up parts available are almost limitless. :) they are certainly reliable. Any 91-93 Explorer 4.0 should work. I think the Ranger 4.0's are identical also like you said. I think other years can work but I think the emissions systems must be modified.(egr system maybe? I'm not sure)