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Need help troubleshooting water leak on passenger floor


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September 1, 2010
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Portland, OR
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'99 XLT
Just moved to Portland, OR and discovered a water leak. It's on the passenger floor. Took off plastic parts and pulled back carpet but I still can't tell where it's coming from. Removed glove box and felt around with my fingers but couldn't find anything really wet. I even removed the windshield wipers and made sure the air intake wasn't clogged with leaves or other crap. Nothing there.

Lots of people have mentioned leaky windshields in other threads but I just don't have the money to replace or repair that bad boy. Can I just seal the hell out of it with silicone? I think I'll try removing the seat tomorrow and peeling the carpet back even more. Maybe I'll lay down inside and tell the girlfriend to hose 'er down.

Any advice or tips? Best way to dry the carpet out in a cold/wet environment? Just need help troubleshooting this leak.

usually a wet passenger floorboard means the fresh air box is leaking.

what year x do you have ?