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need help/what kind of locker to buy???


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August 20, 2001
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O.k. guys, some of you already know but my rear carrier crapped out on me, I have around $400 and need to know the cheapest but also able to hold up to the 4.56 gears and 35's. this guy wants to sell me an auburn really bad but then someone said to go with a power-trax, any info would be very appreciated. thanks. mike:bounce:

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Don't know much about the Auburn's performance, 'cept it's limited slip and has clutches that might eventually wear out. I've got a Powertrax No-Slip and it works great! One of the advantages of the Powertrax over the Auburn is the fact that the powertrax locks up, wheras the Auburn doesn't. Powertrax is a snap to install. Downside to the Powertrax is you occasionally get a little wheel hop and chirp on dry pavement when cornering.

hey dude how much did it cost ya????

Don't have the receipt handy, but I got it from Randy's Ring and Pinion. If I remember correctly, it ran me about $375 before shipping. I bargained them down because Central 4WD is offering it for $379 (including and instant $40 rebate) and they wanted the sale :D . Piece of cake to install. Took two of us about two hours to put in (If you take the beer out of the install, I could have done it myself in less time;) ). Nice thing is you don't have to mess with your ring and pinion. If you have a trac-loc axle, expect to pay about $20 more.

I'm kinda stupid but what is a trac-loc axle? and how do i know what kind i have? thanks

Trac Loc is a limited slip axle. There will be clutch plates in the carrier if you have it. Your vehicle should have a tag on the axle that tells the code, and it's on the door plate (if you still have the original axle). The code has been posted in various threads here.

I just took mine apart the other day and it's an open, the spider gears are very pointy and shiny, and the pin that holds them in is loose as hell, moves side to side and up and down:eek:

Ugh, that's not good. However, the Powertrax replaces all the hardware in the carrier (except the ring gear and the carrier casting) so, if the bare carrier is ok, you can still install the powertrax. Check out Dead Link Removed . They have a complete Powertrax installation manual on line with all the pix and diagrams.

cool thanks, since that big pin is moving so much do you think the carrier case is f@cked up too! I have never seen how one is that is good, do they normally have some play in them or are they pretty snug?

has anyone used the eaton posi?

Mike, for sure go with the powetrax. I limited slip is useless if you lift a tire off the ground, It will just spin wildly giving you zero traction. The power trax install wasn't too bad for me to with the help of a friend. I'll glady help you install it.


lockers are always good. I have a lockright by powertracks. ran about 260 from randys ring and pinion. since you have an open carrier already you will not have to reset up your gears. the entire process would prolly take you about 3 hours to install. and thats even if youve never done any rear work. Its well worth it. there are trails i go on now where i never have to engage ( or rarely) 4w. a lockright will perform different on the street than a LSD will too. they give a whole list of directions on how to drive on the street. because both wheels are spinning at equal rates they tell you you have to give a little gas in turns, if you punch the gas the axle shafts will lock up and you will have a tendency to straighten out when you dont want too. but if your on the line and the road is slick and youre goin straight you can floor it and you wont slip ( or barely). again since you already have an open carrier a lockright would probally be ideal. no resetting gears. pull out the old spider and side gears and yourehalf way there. you got it lucky. i had to replace the carrier which is a bit^% to try to find at a descent price for some reason. other than lockright you could go with a detriot. that will replace youre carrier and everything. usually run about 400. randys sells them too. unfartunately youd have to reset youre gears which usually goes for about 200. very hard to do yourself. but a detroit is supposed to indestructable. so go with a lockright :D randys ring website dosnt have much so youll have to call. you can always go with a LSD if you want...but who wants that. you want full time lockers and theyd be soooooo easy to install in yours. hope this helps man.

hey thanks man, I did call randy's and they are trying to talk me into an eaton posi but I think i'm gonna go with the locker,.:confused: :confused: :confused:

if you do get the powertrax get the Noslip it is a better unit better design than the lockright, I just got mine for $375 for drivetrain direct. but you have to make sure your carrier is good as it uses the stock carrier take some up close pics of the carrier where the pin goes in with the pin in and out, also check the little bolt that goes into the pin from the right hand side of the carrier when I did mine last week the little pin was broke allowing some extra slop!

i guess its all preference and what it is you actually do with your Ex. i wouldnt recommend the no-slip just because its more like just a plain LSD. I tend to do a little more climbing up mountains with little traction and mud holes and having the peace of mind of both wheels being locked is what I need. but they say a no-slip is more for an everyday driver for the street. but ive never had a problem just common ratcheting sounds in turns that you get from a locker. powertrax makes the no slip too so i have no doubt its a quality product. post what you got when you get it let us know how it went to install.

Originally posted by sc4wda XLT
i wouldnt recommend the no-slip just because its more like just a plain LSD.

Fourwheeler Magazine just published an article stating that and they are wrong.

The NoSlip is a locker, not a limited slip, and is possibly the best lunchbox locker available for your diffy if your Explorer is your daily driver.

As Gerald said, the No-slip is a LOCKER! No doubt about it. I just got back from Paragon, and there is no doubt that it is worth every cent. It functioned flawlessly off road, pulling me up several very steep hills and through several difficult creek crossings. On the road, it has very good manners, and is hardly noticeable. I would highly recommend it to anyone over a L/S rear.

Guess Im learnin somethin new all time. Ive just always heard that the no-slip is more for an everyday driver street vehicle but still has locking capabilities.

I'll just chime in cause the subject of the Eaton came up.

I have the Eaton posi and love it. It's not a full locker, but a type of LS. However, it's only ever unlocked on me 2 or 3 times. All those times if it would've stayed locked I'dve probably broken the diff or an axle due to the stress. So I think it actually saved me by not being a full locker.

Anyway, the second generation unit has none of the flaws of the old units, and works very well. It's 95% invisible on the street, unlike the powertrax, but provides traction when I need it.

Keep in mind that I'm 2wd, and with the Eaton I've done Moab and AZ!!!

Oh, I also like how it's cheaper than the others ;)

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Originally posted by Alec
. It's 95% invisible on the street, unlike the powertrax, but provides traction when I need it.

Not trying to get into a pissing contest, but my Powertrax NoSlip is also about 95% invisible on the street. The only time I know it is there on the street is if I start straight under power and then take a sharp corner. I get a little wheel hop, but not much. For normal cornering and driving, even in the city, it's virtually unnoticeable.

One thing I don't know about the Eaton is it's ease of installation. Do you have to redo the ring and pinion backlash?? If so, then the Powertrax is much easier to install. If not, then the installation is probably about the same.