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Need Help with 4.0 -> 5.O in a 95 LTD

I have 143,000 miles on my 95 4.0 LTD. I was wanting to upgrade on my power some along with gain some reliability. The engine I have now is the pushrod not the SOHC version of the 4.0. I was very interested in doing a swap to a 5.0 but am not sure of where to get the conversion kits if there are any even available online. I understand i am going to have problems with the ECU, Coilpacks, exhaust manifold, sparkplug placement, swapping entire wireharnesses, transmission matching up. I just really love this truck.

Is it easier to do a swap to a SOHC 4.0? Do I still need to swap the entire wire harness? Can This setup be supercharged to achieve the same amount of power?

Please somebody lead me in the correct direction.

I noticed all the swaps done on most all of the explorers are the 94 down models.

I thank you for your time and knowlege :banghead:

Kits for the 5.0 conversions are usually available from Advance Adapters, Kauffman products, etc, etc. (check out advance adapters or the ranger station, for a complete write up on this swap.) (although these kits say they are made for 91-94 explorers) I do not know anybody on this board who has done the swap in a 95+ vehicle. Since the kits are made for replacing the 4.0 pushrod engine, it should ba able to work. Wiring might be tough in your case. Most of the conversions are done on pre '95 vehicles where wiring is not as big of an issue. Anything can be done though. Just depends on how much time and most importantly in the 5.0 conversion "MONEY" !!! $5,000+ if your going with an EFI 5.0 H.O. emission compliant set-up.

Hopefully somebody with more information than me will reply.