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Need help with a 97


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March 3, 2009
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My sister bought her 1997 Ford Explorer v8 AWD from some cheap ass car lot, I've already fixed a few things they let go, like her Blend door actuator being unplugged and not bolted down, and two seat belt receivers not working because of things shoved in them. But the stereo is killing me, because they put a stereo in that doesn't do anything because its the wrong one, one connector plugs up and the other does not, and it doesn't power on at all, checked all the fuses already.

So I need to know which wiring harness to buy to put an aftermarket stereo in her explorer

It's a 1997, I know it has a factory amp, It has two connectors, and the antenna behind the stereo, It does not have steering wheel controls, but it does have rear audio controls, which don't need to be kept.







I want the speakers to be powered off the aftermarket stereo and not the factory amp, I need to know what harness to buy

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I believe you would need metra part number 70-5602 if you plan on running new speaker wire instead of using the factory amp. if you would like to use the factory amp and have a head unit with at least two sets of rca preouts on the back i would use metra part number 70-5603


Sorry about the link, it should be working now. That is if you still want to by-pass the amp.

I want the speakers to be powered off the aftermarket stereo and not the factory amp, I need to know what harness to buy

The 70-5603 is also a harness that works, I never said it was wrong. But its an amplifier integration. You use that if you want to keep the amp. That harness uses the pre-outs (low level output) to go to the factory amp. If you don’t disconnect the amp it’s still plugged in.

I’m here to help. So the fans of Explorers (like me and you) get the RIGHT info. It just so happens I work at Crutchfield and I have access to this info.

The way I see it, Crutchfield is paying for vendor membership so they are more than welcome to link items that would fit the original poster. I don't see other companies coming up and sponsoring this site.

Where would I find that info? They dont have a Q & A sticky in the vendors section. His screen name isnt green. They arent on the vendor list at the top of the screen. There are no obvious signs that they are a vendor.

If they are a vendor, then yes, its not a shameless plug.

i've never used the 70-5603 using the rca plugs. i've always used the 70-5600 with no problems. if you want to bypass the oem amp then check out the 70-5601, assuming that the harness with the black plastic end is long enough to go to the passenger rear wheel well (never used it either, i use parts of a 70-5514 harness and run my own speaker wire)

only difference between the 70-5600 and the 70-5603 is that the 5600 is speaker lever input to the amp while the 5603 is RCA input to the amp.