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Need help with A4LD transmission


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June 19, 2006
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88 bronco
Hi All, I picked up a trans at a local junk yard and they couldnt tell me if it was good or not. I put it in and when I shift it in reverse it goes in gear and will try to go backwards but feels like i'm pushing in reverse against a wall, it isn't slipping.

When in overdrive it drives but feels like i'm towing a boat. if I shift in to D 2 or 1 it stops like the reverse feels.

I jacked it up and hand shifted the lever on the trans into reverse, the wheels started to spin and "clunk" it locked up the rear.

I took off the transfer case as it it's in a bronco, and jacked up I can see in to the rear of the transmission, I ****ed to reverse and it still clunks and locks without the driveshaft or transfer case on it. I shifted to Overdrive and it spins normal I shifted back to D and it clunk locked like it did in reverse, same for 2 and 1 gears. went up to neutral and was normal into reverse spins a couple times and clunk and then locks?

any suggestions? please help, Thanks!

Odd symptoms.... yet... possible OD sprag (one way clutch) issues. Your problems seem to show up anytime the front (OD) one way clutch is applied. I think it is FUBAR.

Have you done a pressure test with a 0-300 psi gauge in all gears? What about a basic check on the bands, kick down cable, ATF level, and shift mechanism to see if it's aligned in the proper gear (it says park on the selector, and is all of the way in park on the transmission). I'm not implying that if you do all of these things it will completely cure internal damage. It's just something to look into before having to either return it to the junk yard for a different one, or rebuilding the one you have on it now. Have you dropped the pan, and looked for any signs of metal shavings, or any other hard fragments? That would tell you if something inside broke.