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Need Help With Cv Axles


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November 30, 2005
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Nashville, Tenn
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2000 XLT
Ok, i am in the process of changing my cv axles, and i have hit a problem. here are the replacement cv axles that i bought for my 2000 XLT 4x4.



now, here is the drivers side cv that i removed.

heres the 'inner' side of it...

and here is the space it fits into...

My question is...did the company send me the wrong CV's??? I dont see how the new ones will fit into that strange shape....

can anyone help me!?!?!

you need to remove the rest of the axle from the diff. the inner portion of the cv joint is still splined in. pull that "odd shape section" out and you can slide the new axle in you may have to pry it out. the new axles you have look correct

The "inner" axles on both sides have a lock ring holding them in to the carrier. On the passenger side the inner shaft may come out with the axle. If so then separate the inner shaft from the axle and insert it back into the carrier. Keep it all clean and don't tug or bend the CV joints too much as you handle/install them. As you can see they can come apart, you want to keep them assembled always. Regards,

ok...thanks for the quick responses