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Need help with fuel pressure regulator return line removal


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May 2, 2011
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Brea, California
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1993 XLT
In desperate need of some technical advice here folks. I am replacing the fuel pressure regulator on my 1990 Ranger. everything is disconnected, but I can't figure out how to remove the fuel return line (see pics). The manual I have does not show this fitting or tell how to remove it. I am stumped. If any of you Ranger Gods out there can assist me on how to get this fitting off, I would be eternally grateful. :notworthy



I hope you have gotten an answer already, and can post it here, but if not, can you note where the regulator can rotate with respect to the fuel line? In other words, hold the regulator in one hand, and the fuel line in the other. Wherever the two rotate in different directions is the place where the line will be separated. What does the fitting on the new regulator look like?
I am thinking that there is a garter spring fitting where the narrow line from the regulator is inserted into the larger line on the fuel return line. One would use a tool inserted into the end of the fitting to push the garter spring, expand it, out of the way of the bulge in the fitting that it retains, so the fitting can be pulled out.
Post a pic of the new regulator...