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need help with Hella light install

I installed a set of FF50s on my explorer today and have a question on the wire splicing into the vehicle's headlights. Apparently it is necessary because I have nothing without it. How does this affect the on/off of the lights (only on with headlights, parking lights, not with high beams, etc...)?? Also, the largest mystery to me, what wire do I tap?????? And where is the easiest access point to this wire? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Whenever I try to do something electrical to my car, no matter how simple a task... I always end up shorting or blowing something up. Take it to a garage, wont be $15 to hook up, no worries.

The wire you're referring to is to power the switch. Whatever you tap, the lights will only be able to be on when that wire has power. You want to either tap a power wire from some stock lights (so you have the warning chime when you turn the truck off) or an ignition controlled circuit so they automatically go off when the truck does.

If you pull the turnsignal houseing off there is a brown wire that is for the parking lights. Use one of those "quick splice" squeeze gizmos and connect the wire there. You will be able to turn on your fogs any time your lights are on.
Is the ff50 the fog light or driving light style?

You are referring to pulling the turn signal housing out as if changing a bulb, correct? The kit already comes with the splicing "things", so getting to this spot shouldn't be a problem. I just wondered if for some reason it had to be the headlight wiring. Oh, and the FF50 comes in Driving or Fog varieties. My set is the Driving Lights. I can't wait to see them in action.

Thanks for the help. I will let you know if all was successful.

Since you have the driving light I would splice it into the high beam headlight wire. It would then come on when you put on the high beams. Otherwise you have to dim the headlights AND push the switch for the driving lights for oncomming traffic. Light green / black, I think, is the color for the high beam wire. You might want to get a $5 test light to be sure.