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need help with my 01 sport trac


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February 16, 2010
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graham, Washington
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01 sport trac
hey i have a 01 sport trac that needs a new rear end i have call every junk yard and found a **** ton of explorers but no sport tracs. was wondering if the rear end out of an explorer will fit my sport trac i don't see why it wont as long as its the same gear ratio but need some second opinions on it

thanks alot for the help.

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The salvage yards should know what else will interchange. That's their business........

Try this:

Are you looking for a full assembly or just ring and pinion? The rear end in the Sport Trac is a Ford 8.8 rear end. I know they use those in a bunch of their cars/trucks (GT Mustangs use the 8.8). The junk yard should be able to cross it over and tell you what fits.

A regular Explorer rear axle is the same.

A regular Explorer rear axle is the same.
Not exactly. The 01 & 02 Sport Tracs came with drum brakes on their rear axles.