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Need help with Nitro Slammers

Gregg XLS

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October 22, 2008
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Spring/Houston, Tx
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04 Sport Trac XLS
Just lowered my truck a few days ago. I brought my truck to a friend who works at the local Ford dealership to get it aligned, and he mentioned that my front shocks were blown/leaking oil...

I've decided to go with the Nitro Slammers, but...before i buy them, they need to know the collapsed and extended lengths of the shocks I want.

I presume i can do the measurements myself, but i need to know exactly how to measure them. Do i measure just from the lowest point of the shocks to the highest point with them still on the truck? How do i measure them extended? To what extent do I need to "extend" them to get an accurate measurement?

I'm sorry i have so many questions, just money is tight and I only have enough money to buy shocks once.

For reference, I have removed the torsion bolts (netted 2.25" of drop) and installed 3" drop blocks in the rear.

I have 265/75/16's so it doesnt look very low


Thanks for the help

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guess i WONT be getting these since i dont know how long to get them

I deal with doetsch nitro slammer shocks and alot of them for rangers. Take one front shock off and 1 rear shock measure the extended and collapsed heights, then measure your shock mounts on the truck , shoot me an email to or PM me and I can help you figure out which ones you need. Also let me know if the upper and lower mounts are eyelets or stems.