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need help with rattling sub.


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January 4, 2001
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Thompson's Stn, TN
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2002 Mounty 4.6 AWD
i recently got the new type E alpine 12" and it rattles like a b****. i am powering it with a 600w kenwood bridged. this sub is a 4ohm so i figure the sub is getting 300 rms and 600 peak. on some songs there is no rattle. but when i turn it up the sub rattles like crazy. i have tried diffrent things thinking that an air leak is causing it but am lost. also when i turn my amp's low pass fliter off it seems to sound better but it is not loud at all. i have a panasonic 600u or something hu and have the sub set on it at 80HZ (that is what the 80 means right?). when i change the hu to like 125hz(?) it is not loud again. i am guessing because it is playing some higher freqs.

help me i am lost and am mad that i bought the sub and it rattles.

here is the amp

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Box volume?? You should have the filter at around 80hz. 125hz is way too high.

okay heres some suggestions:

1. double check that its the sub rattlin and not anything else
2. check the whole box over for air leaks, and tighten the sub to the box
3. buy a better sub, I dont like the E series, its definitely not a great sub.
4. check the wires inside, although i cant imagine them rattling, just check em..

some questions....
- is it a q-logic box??
- is the sub maxed out, maxed out being that the sub is distorting, self destructing, on fire etc.?
- is the amp getting hot, or malfunctioning in any way?

make sure the box is perfectly sealed... If there are airleaks the sub will bottom out because of the somewhat freeair conditions... Also check that the wires in the box are secure... My perfects had their wires not secured and the wires would keep smacking the boxes.

but set the filter to 80hz and move the box around pointing it in different directions to see which is the loudest... in my mountaineer its the loudest when the port and box face the passenger side of the car ;[

My hu is set at 80.
I did have the type r but returned it because it rattled also. i tried both subs in a Qlogic box and i belive the volume is 1.25 cubic feet. The wires in the box are long but it sound like it is comming out the face of the sub. i dont know what the actual coils sound like but is sounds like a coil sound. if that makes any sense.

like i said i tried the type r first because i heard great things about them. i had the 4 ohm dvc model. i though that my amp was not putting enough power for the type r (rated at 300 rms and 1000 peak) so that is why i switched to the type e.

Also i have tried many things to stop any air leaks. i used double sided tape as well as the foam tape the box comes with.

in a week or so i am getting a new box and returning the type e for a type r when i get the money. Ahh the benefits of a best friend working at circut city.

Also i am getting a coustic amp for cost (like 150). it is mono and rated 400 rms at 2 ohms. i am guessing that this will peak at 800 when i wire the type r in parallel ( right?)

does anyone know anything about the coustic amps? are they any good? there is a boozka rated at 500 rms at two ohms for cheaper but i thought that bazooka might suck. the amps i really want is the mono mtx rated at 1000 rms or the autobahun ( i think) with the digital voltage.

sorry for being long winded.

That type E isn't a bad sub i have a friend with an older ex (93) and he has 2 12" type E's being powered by a 1000 watt Performance Teknique amp. The subs are in a sealed 2 foot cu. box-and sound good. They don't rattle at all. just my .02!

Are you sure it's not the truck ratteling? My MTX proform 10" rattles pretty bad at high volumes with just my 70W Sony amp with a 80HZ crossover.

It's a headache!!

Good luck!

the type E's are brand new.. they replaces the type S series

they have the same specs as the type S i thought-not a whole lot of difference why are they stopping production on the Type S.

one thing it could be is your box. If its one of the new Q-logic boxes with the grayish plastic on the front....Ive noticed on many boxes ive listened to, the plastic seems to rattle. If you have a circuit city/best buy around you go check out some of the boxes there, crank up some subs and have fun, check out if those Q-logic boxes rattle. Circuit city carries alpine type E's, mine here has two twelves in a mtx box, dont sound bad. Anyways Ive noticed a lot of Q-logic boxes soundin like crap, try a different box, oh and coustic amps are pretty good from what ive heard. good luck!!!

ok i went in yestetrday and got a new type r 12 with the dual 4ohm vc. as well as a new qlogic box.
i installed them a few minutes ago and i hear the same whistleing of air comming out. also the sub seems to be bottoming out sometimes.

if it's a whistling of air and not rattling, then the box might have a leak. Your using a Q-Logic box right? Ported? Cause every ported box I've heard from competitions to friends stereos always has a slight sound, not really a whistle, just a audible whoosh from the port.

I have 3 10" MTX 6000 in a sealed MTX box and they sound incredible, no rattling or anything, just very deep, loud, clean bass, with an MTX amp powering them with about 700watts rms. Unfortunatley it's my sisters truck now, so I never get to listen to my system anymore:(

'94matt'-just curious what kind of amp do you have pushing your Type R? i also agree with 'SaleenExp'-your box probably has a leak somewhere-why didn't you go with a sealed box?


Is your q-logic box sealed? I went to sound advice and they had a 12" Alpine Type R in a sealed box and one in a ported box, the sealed sounded so much better than the ported, nice, clean and deep.

yea, it is a sealed box. i am thinking about finding some slilcon and sealing around the sub. it also seems to pound more when i crank it up. almost like it is bottoming out. sounds awful.
when the volume on low i still hear the rattle/air sound but not as bad.

I had the same 6000 series mtx 10's in the sealed box with the plexiglass. i pushed it with the same amp as above. sounded great. i kinda wish i hadnt sold them to get the type r and other audio stuff.

oh well i am getting componets for the front of my truck soon and need some recomandations. (sp) for 100 or less. also what size will fit the 6x8 (5x7) stock spot?
or will i need to modify?