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Need help with strange idle problems on my 94 Explorer


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April 5, 2016
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Pace, Florida
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1994 Ford Explorer
I have a 94 Explorer with 4.0 ohv non egr 5 speed standard I rebuilt a year ago. Every sensor is bran new. A month ago I started experiencing difficult starts and high idles. When the truck is cold I can start it and it will take at least 45 seconds of the engine trying to stall before it will stay running. After the engine is at running temperature it will idle itself up to 1600 rpm. When the engine is hot I can shut it off, immediately start it again then engine will idle normal at 800rpm for 20 seconds then idle itself back up to 1600 rpm every single time like clock work. I can do this over and over with no change. There are no vacuum leaks as I've checked this half a dozen times. My tps sensor voltage is perfect. My maf sensor voltage is perfect. I replaced all other sensors to just be fore sure that they aren't causing the issue like the idle air valve and air temp sensor..ect. Including the O2 sensors. All new spark plugs and plug wires also has a new coil pack. I've worked on vehicles my entire life and I've never had an issue like this. It's killing my fuel mileage. I cannot find anything on the Internet remotely close to my situation. Only thing I haven't changed is the pcm. Is there anyone on here that can help me? I'm truly stumped here.

It ain't got no gas in it.... Mmm hmmmm...