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need help

October 20, 2008
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Wenona IL
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1997 Ford Explorer XLT
I have a 97 expo 4wd when im driving down the road it has like a humming noise but when im cornering to the right the noise goes away but when cornering left it doesn't sorry for the lack of explanation its kinda hard to explain does anyone know what this could be or have any ideas thanks

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Sounds like a wheelbearing or ball joint problem.

balljoints look good i had a wheelbearing go out on the driver side so that one is new along with the cv shaft you think it could be the passenger side?

On my old 97 the wheel bearings went within a few months of each other. Just jack that side up and see what you have for play.

Usually when you have a bad passenger side wheel bearing, it makes noise when turning left. Vice versa for the driver side. So, that makes sense. They are loaded up more when turning, so that's why they're noisier on a turn, and why the noise can go away when turning the opposite way.