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Need help


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December 14, 2009
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tampa fl
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94 4x4
My 94 explorer is sputtering alot...sometimes it wont at all and sometimes thats all it does..when it is at an idol it may run rough and the battery gauge will jump. I have changed the plugs and wires, fuel filter, air filter, cleaned the mass air flow sensor( when cleaning i noticed that one of the two wires was darker than the other like its burnt), i dont know what else to do. i have also replaced the igniton control module, the eec relay and fuel pump relay. If you have any suggestions please i am open to anything. i have also ran cleaners through the fuel a couple times. My gas gauge randomly works at times as well and i have checked every fuse.

Does it have power when it does run good? Have you checked for vacumn leaks? When its running pound on the MAF and see if the motor changes in idle. Hope this helps.

yes when it runs good it runs good. i have tried to check the vacuum lines and they seem to be good...i will try the maf idea as well

In addition to checking for vacuum leaks, among the first things I'd probably do would be:

Put a fuel pressure gauge on it and see what the fuel system is doing.
pull codes just in case the computer is seeing something that would help diagnose.