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Need how to remove and replace bottom foam cushion


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February 16, 2014
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2003 Explorer XLT 4x4 4.6
i just bought new Ford part seat cushion and a new leather seat cover for driver's seat bottom, both off EBay. I have seen the videos on how to replace the seat cover, and also thread here on building up a foam cushion that has worn down. Without even seeing my new parts yet I wonder if there is any problem with removing the foam and refitting the new? Has anyone replaced entire foam bottom cushion that can share how to? Will I need special fasteners or attachments to refit the new one? Thanks

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The seat cover should have plastic curved things that catch rails under the seat. Most of the job is stuffing the very uncooperative cushion into the seat cover. Once you get them mated nicely together, the rest is a snap.

I think these guys have a couple of vids on their site about this. I used them when I had my seat bottom re-done. Really xlnt work, and local to me so a double bonus.

Yes I am using that video for reference on the seat covering but I also will be replacing entire foam bottom cushion. Maybe it's super simple but I haven't opened it all up yet to see how foam attaches to frame

The seat bottom foam cushion just sits on the seat frame. There are ridges on the underside that sit on the frame- basically for positioning. There is a "sling" in the middle of the frame that provides additional support. As described by number twelve, the plastic tubular clips that are attached to the seat cover are the ones that hold all of it in place. I have changed cushions for myself and others, it's not too difficult, but the seat needs to be removed from the vehicle to properly remove the side trim (screws) and the clips that hold the seat cover on. If you try doing it with the seat mounted in the vehicle, you will just break things. The Seat Shop video is a good reference for reinstalling the cover. From start to finish- including unbolting the seat, removing and reinstalling the cushion foam and cover and finally bolting the seat back into the vehicle, you should be able to do this in a little over an hour. See my pic of the underside of a 3rd gen seat bottom foam cushion.

I was there when they did the complete procedure. I should have video'ed it. Sorry. But what 96EB describes is exactly how they did it. The whole thing took about an hour or so, and they did take the seat off the rails. 4 bolts and the electrical (I had electric seats.)

Great info guys, thanks

So do we have airbag or SRS sensor in the electrical hookups of the driver seat to be concerned with when I remove? Finally got the leather seat cover from Seat Shop since the one from eBay didn't come in the dark graphite grey color. And kudos to the eBay seller who proactively told me based on interior code I provided and refunded my PayPal before sending out the wrong cover. Seat Shop cover looks spot on and I should have bought from them in first place since I found value in their video. But only thing I wonder at this point is whether to disconnect battery before unplugging seat power connection.

You do not need to undo the battery.

Thanks Number4

Worry less. Wrench more. A 10 year old girl could figure this out. She might not have enough muscles, but the intellectual aspect of this job is nearly zero.

Just watch your hands getting the cushion unlatched. Lots of sharp metal edges waiting to bust a knuckle. I used a couple small but long flathead screw drivers to help with the plastic catches.

No offense, but being thorough and making sure the process is correct and sound is not necessarily worrying. Sorry, but that sounds like 'bull in a china shop' and 'gorilla plan' more than anything. Intellectual aspect notwithstanding.