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need info/advise about front end alignments


November 18, 2007
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97 XLT AWD 5.0L
I had one done as Sears while it was there for something else (whole other story) becuasse the truck pulled to the right. After the alignment, it still pulls right but just not quite as bad. The thing is, they gave me a printout with the before and after specs and what was/is out of spec in bold with an "*" next to it. There's still something in bold stating out of spec post alignment. My question is, is it something that couldn't be corrected? I'd assume they would have explained it to me but didn't. They just sent me packing.

The front cross caster is 0.4% before and after the alignment on the sheet. According the spec on the sheet it should be -1.2 - 0.2.

I want to call and complain but quite frankly I don't want them touching my truck again. Is this something I need to be concerned with or just let it go?

The truck is stock height with stock wheels and tires.

Here's the post alignment specs.

Front Left Front Right
-0.9 Camber -0.8
3.6 Caster 3.2
0.22 Toe 0.10
12.9 SAI 12.7
12.0 Included Angle 11.9

Cross Camber -0.1
Cross Caster 0.4 Range is supposed to be -1.2 - 0.2