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Need Input ASAP Please


March 4, 2020
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Malone Ny
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2005 Ford Explorer
I am in the currently waiting on more FORD OEM parts. I remove a 2003 ford 4.0 SOHC motor and it had a timing chain loose as a two dollar.
So i had no choice but to fix that issue. Due to my using the wrong bolt to press off the crankshaft pulley.It got stuck in side the crankshaft pulley and I had no choice but to remove the crankshaft due to me possibly damaging the inner crankshaft threads.
So i went ahead and remove all the upper and lower oil pans as well as the heads and basically have the motor on a engine lift with the block and pistons showing.

So i went to ONLINE and order rock auto and order reman crankshaft and other part from them.Once i place that order from them.I went ahead and bit the cost and ORDER EVERY PART AND NUT FOR THE TIMING CHAIN FROM FORD THAT IS OEM minus the jackshaft and the 4wd shaft.(<-------WHATEVER THAT PART IS CALLED ) ;)

I was considering just buying a reman engine but due to cornavirus. I figure it would be a great project to past time .

So i get those parts order and shipped and then i forgot the connecting rod bolts for this motor and bought those and some other ford OEM parts as well.I go to start the process of getting a clean space to start the reinstall this week.And i happen to notice that i have some pitted areas on the driver side camshaft and none on the passenger side head. After HOURS of google images .I am going to bite the bullet and simply order 2 new camshafts to replace them.

I have added pictures of everything i order for ppl to see as well

My question i am needing input on two things.

1.Which a reman crankshaft and new cams,Will i need to worry about other issues.

2.Would it be a great idea to go ahead and replace the piston rings as well ?

Hope to hear back and thanks for reading