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need keyless entry help on a 1994 QUICK !!

October 21, 2003
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hey guys im installing an aftermarket keyless entry remote start on my 1994 xlt. How can I tell if my truck has factory keyless entry? I didnt recieve any remotes with the truck when I bought it . Also has anyone ever installed keyless entry themselves on the first gen explorers? the instructions say its a reverse polarity system so I am kinda lost as to how to hook up the relay it came with. I know I have 2 wires in the truck to hook up to but the relay has 5 wires coming out of it thanks for all the help guys !!


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call ford with your vin to find out if it has the keyless entry system

alright I will do that tomorrow , I also heard on the drivers side panel in the back there should be a module deal back there if I have keyless entry anyone ever heard of this or have a picture?

You have keyless entry if you have the keypad on the driver's door.

since I dont have keyless entry does anyone know what type of system the explorers use for their door locks I am told there are many different systems so I have to find the exact one so I dont fry my aftermarket keyless entry module thanks for the help guys sorry If im getting annoying Im not used to all this wiring and relays.