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Need opinion


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January 16, 2004
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Long Beach, California
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1997 XLT
I need some input from some of you more experienced guys on component selection.

Here is what I have so far:

Alpine CDA-9811 HU
Boston Acoustics 6" round in the front doors
Factory Ford (yuk..) in the rear door
JL Stealth subwoofer box and 10W1 sub in the rear
Alpine MRP-M350 for the sub

Right now the factory amp is driving the 4 main speakers and it sounds like crap. If I turn up the base, the sub is putting out so much that it drownds the mains.

My thought is to add a 4 channel amp either a JL 300/4 or an Alpine MRV-F340.

Then my next step will be to move my Boston Acoustics from the front doors to the rear and install seperates to the fronts. Maybe JL XR570-CSi

I listen to everything from Pink FLoyd to Outkast to James Brown........

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

Reason being is your lows outweigh your highs. Look into getting some tweeters, rather yet.. replace those front 6"ers and invest in some components. No amp needed.

Get an amp. You will notice a BIG difference. You can just get a 2 channel if budget is tight. Drive the Bostons w/ the amp and the rears with the head unit.
Get something thats 50-75 watts rms / channel.

Then you will drive looking like this ----->:D