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need opinions...when to say OK?


February 28, 2004
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Detroit Lakes, MN
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'95 XLT 4x4
Greetings All-
I have a general question that I need your opinions on. When do you say, "OK, I guess I will just live with that..."?

A case in point: A while ago the lights on/door ajar/keys in switch for the driver's door broke. I was quoted about $150 for the R/R. About that same time, the spring-loaded driver's door handle broke, leaving the handle fully functional but "floppy". No quote on that but i can imagine what it would take. My rear wiper has come out from the rear hatch. I haven't taken apart the hatch yet to see if it is anything that I can do. I have a control module (forgot exact name) going out (with no codes) where the truck refuses to idle. A smack from a screwdriver or similar tool "fixes" it without issue and I am good until next time...which may be months or days.

Two summers ago I had an instrument panel bulb go out. With the advise of this board, I took apart the dash successfully and replaced two bulbs in the general area of the light outage. Upon putting the dash back together, I replaced the tiny bulb lighting the area above the "lights knob", which is about $15 from Ford. The lights in the rear defroster button were also out, but the bulb is not replaceable and a new switch is needed (buy a new switch just for the light?). That evening I notice there is still a light out above the speedo. I replaced every bulb in that area, so not sure if there any non-replaceable type of bulbs that are out or not. I haven't tackled this project again yet...and now that really expensive $15 "lights knob" bulb is out again, after only 2 years.

I just got the truck back from replacement of the master driver's window switch panel (used from a yard), replacement of the shifter (lost O/D control), A/C recharge, and belt replacement for about $480. Now, I notice the windows lockout rocker switch on the used panel is not working. I will complain on this, but at least the driver has control of the windows now.

Hopefully, you get the picture. These things are minor. When do you say, "I will live with this..."? I was raised respecting vehicles and to take care of them. These minor things certainly bother me, but on a truck with over 208,000 miles, is it time to say "Oh well."?

Sorry for the length, but just grasping for some answers.

Thanks for listening.

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It's funny, I have a lot of the same problems you have, including the "floppy" driver side door handle. I think it basically comes down to your decision. As you said, they are minor things that don't affect the way the car runs. If you feel the need to fix everything that goes wrong, then you will if it bugs you enough. If it doesn't bug you and it doesn't affect the way the car runs, then there's no reason to fix the minor stuff.

At 200K I would fix the idle ( if the problem is the ICM ) and have them fix the window switch if they will replace it for free.

and live with everything else....

At 200K I would fix the idle ( if the problem is the ICM ) and have them fix the window switch if they will replace it for free.

and live with everything else....

Mine's chugging along at 225k, needs a trans, back doors don't open from inside, something is screwed up with one of the sensors on the motor.

Just get to them eventually with help from this site. I've got the floppy handle and driver's side actuator to deal with. Annoyances for sure, but I'll get to it eventually. I even have a new door handle (cheap from eBay). Had them for months.

I like to procrastinate. :)
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I also have the floppy drivers door handle. I've looked inside the door and I it is a broken spring. I am sure the handle assembly has to be replaced and then paint match the handle at least on my 96.

Just keep up with the important ones. When you get time pick away at the little ones. If you don't the vehicle will slowly loose it's appeal to you and then it's a slippery slope from there.