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June 16, 2010
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Salisbury, MD
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1999 EB
So I'm kind of new to the whole stereo systems and audio upgrades deal, but I have basically been teaching myself off the internet for a month or so now since I blew my factory sub in my '99 EB, which I believe makes it of the Mach system? So since then, I have been wondering about whether to replace it with a new amp/sub, or to take the (what I think might be) easier route and getting a powered sub enclosed in a box.

My opinion I need from more informed and better equipped audio guys are which one would work for an 18 y/o with a minimum wage job, but can spend about ~$200-$250 max. And with both, which would be easy to wire...and for someone new, how much harder is it to wire than something like a TV-->Cable Box or TV-->DVD Player?

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you can replace the factory one which would be the easier route, but it will sound the same.

or you can buy a kit within your price range, and install it yourself, this will be allot louder then stock.

just do ALOT of reading, you can do it.

pm me if you got any questions.

im 19 and know what its like to be on a budget. haha there are some simple solutions. u can try to find something used(be careful) or even find a cheap package. i got 2 12" xplods with an amp and box for about 250. they put out 1200 each. try looking on they also have an online learning center which makes installation a lot easier. hope this helps good luck!

Thanks a lot for the help.

Right now my question I need answered is how much power does my Amp connected to my subwoofer have...if I have a '99 EB? I need to know so I can start sub shopping

It's been posted before how much the factory amp for the sub puts out - I can't remember exactly, but I wanna say ~75w RMS.. It's a really wimpy power wire supplying the amp, so if you upgrade to a new amp or powered sub you definitely gotta run new power/ground wires.. Upgrading the sub alone with the existing wiring isn't gonna make much of a difference

I'm not really looking to find anything to be too much better than the factory sub, just something to put back there so I can get a little bass back in my car... Granted, like anyone else would agree, the better the sub I can find would be great.