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Need Pics: Of deep red X's with Brushgaurd

Derek's E.B.

September 5, 2002
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Louisville KY
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96 Eddie Bauer
I have a 96' Marron Eddie Bauer and want a brush gaurd but I'm not sure on what color it should be. I'm not to crazy about chrome, and not sure on black...kinda thinking about painting a black one the same color of my E.B. effects (beige-ish color). What do you guys think? Any pics floating around out there? Couldn't find anything through the search button.


check my link i have a dark red 96 with a black grill

Check out the links in my sig. I have a black brush guard on a medium red truck.

Got the chrome one here. Check the homepage. Loads of pics. Its on a black truck tho.