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Need pics of front bumpers (2nd gen) custom or not

Re: Re: Couldn't wait.

Originally posted by cdsl227
Holy Moly!! I thought mine stuck out there! You're gonna need those schoolbus mirrors on the front so you don't hit things!

Looks good, but it'd be better with the winch! ;)

How many parking meters do you have to put money in? :D

Actually, the 520's up top help me to judge the distance. I also thinkit will ook much much better once the winch is on there. It'll help fill in the space.

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I plan on tacking on some ears so I can mount a coupla lights on the top rail of mine too...

I like the way the lights stick out there... ;)

Yes it does stick out and yes it does look better with a winch. I've not hit anything with mine yet, except for little trees i've ran over in the woods. I love mine. I actually hit a deer the other day doing about 20 mph and flipped him over my hood. The only thing he did was rip off a fog light and crack my grill.:rolleyes:


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Hey Doc, here's something you might be interested in that has been very handy for me. I mounted some tow hooks on mine, both sides and they are pretty stout. Whatcha think?



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What'd you guys use to paint yours? I noticed my paint on my grill chipped and i used car paint.

I used Rustoleum. Good paint but it take FOREVER to dry, so i think if i have to do it again sometime i'll use some Krylon or something like that. I also sprayed a couple of layers of clear on top of the paint.

I saw the tow hooks in your previous post, but I got two of the clevis mounts with the bumper. I prdered some Warn 3/4" D-ring shackles to mount up there. Don't hink I'll need the tow hooks. Then again, maybe I'll get some and paint htem white for fangs! :D

How does this one grab you? Made from aluminium and is airbag compatable.


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That's definitely a nice one...and aluminum would save those torsion bars. ;)