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Need power steering help


July 5, 2013
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Independence, KY
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97 Explorer 5.0
So I'm slacking and haven't made a build thread probably because I tend to drink too much while working on it but I'll give a brief description of what I've done and why I need help. I did the m5r2 swap as well as the 4406 swap. Did a 1.5" body lift to help the transfer case fit better. I've already reprogrammed it to clear all the tranny fault codes. I removed the rear cats and put on an h-pipe and flowmaster 40 series. Oh this is a 97 5.0l. Now I'm gearing up for this winters project: f-250/f-350 axels front and rear and while I'm at it I'm going to four link the front and rear. I want to do hydraulic steering and remove my steering column completely. My question is where can I find a spec for the gallon per minute that the stock power steering pump puts out? I need to know this to decide whether or not I can use the stock pump with the steering valve and ram I want to use. Sorry for the long post but I want y'all to know what I'm trying to do.

Well I was finally able to find the spec and it puts out around 2.5gpm, so I guess my next question is does anybody know of a higher flow pump that WILL allow me to keep my a/c compressor? I found a pump that will bolt to the motor but I have to sacrafice my a/c. Even if I decide to **** can air conditioning I want to keep the compressor so I can use it for compressed air.