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Need Recommendation for Used Ford Body Parts!


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January 22, 2002
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Smith Mountain Lake, VA
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2006 Limited
I can't deal with the door handles on my '06 Limited anymore, but can't afford to but the new panels at $700+.

Can anybody recommend a reputable used Ford body parts dealer that may have 2007+ Explorer door panels?

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Time for a test drive... Shazzam! New door panels...

***Joe Dirt does not in any way condone test driving vehicles solely for removing body panels, Radios, or Cargo shades. :D

Whats wrong with the limited handles? Ive got an XLT with the gray plastic ones....those suck. Which are you talking about?

My '06 has the arm rests with no cutout on top to grab the door when opening/closing. They added the cutout in 2007+ models.

No recommendations for on-line used auto body parts???

oo, I never noticed that they updated that in the 07 model. That would be very helpful when closing the door.

I heard that one. I'm all about looking to get rid of the '06 door panels. The stock handles are too low, busting my back.