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Need some advice on sanding and primer

I just picked up an 88 Mustang.. The body is it good shape, but is starting to develop a little surface rust. This is my project car, and right now I dont' want to spend the money on a paint job. If I were to sand it down and primer it myself, would this be a solution to stop the rust for about 2 years while I work on it? How do I go about sanding it? What do I need to know in buying a sander? What grit? Is this a bad idea, or am I thinking in the right direction?

So do you have any pictures of the rust you are going to sand or can you better describe it? My family owns a body shop and i have been doing body work since i was 8 (i'm now 21) so i can be of some service to you if you better describe the rust. No holes right? Are there pits in the metal? Is it rust bubbles in the paint or actual surface rust? Do you have an air compressor or do you plan on using an electric sander?

Rust never sleeps man. I have never seen any rust treatment really work. It you can grind it out with some 40 grit ( 80 is better but it cuts quick so be careful ) If there is holes ya gotta cut out the junk and put in fresh metal. Either way rust repair in not really a boat load of fun.really

Monmix - thanks for the info... that's kinda what I had heard from a few sources..

AlawishusUgone - thanks for the offer. Right now I don't have any pics of the rust, but I'll try to remember to take some next time I'm home and can get to the car. Sorry I haven't replied sooner... I got busy and forgot about this thread!